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It is not simply based on academic qualifications and work experience to enter the entry threshold. It does not simply use technical capabilities as the screening criteria.

We value your learning ability and your continuous improvement.

If you are a technology-rich or sales elite or business elite, we are very welcome!

If you are a newcomer to the fledgling industry, we are equally welcome!

Please contact QQ: 1815959491

Please also attach a copy of your resume and ideas so that we have a preliminary understanding of you, thank you.

                  Job Title                             work experience                    number                    ​   work place               ​           Education
Domestic sales engineer                             1-3                                        2                                Shenzhen                ​        Undergraduate

job requirements

1, with a certain amount of professional knowledge and accumulation, science and engineering (optics, physics, optoelectronics, automation, etc.)

2, has a strong ability to learn, aspiring to become a salesman with the qualities of an engineer

3, there is a certain degree of psychological stress resistance

4, have good English literacy

5, skilled use of various office software

6, can adapt to travel



                   Foreign trade clerk                              1-3                                       2                        Shenzhen                ​        Undergraduate

job requirements

Love foreign trade, dare to challenge, can be hard-working, diligent, pragmatic, proactive, with good team spirit;

2. Proficient in major internet platforms and strong self-learning ability;

3, The work is prudent and logical, the attitude is positive and optimistic, the person is honest and reliable, the teamwork spirit is good, and good at communication;

4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English; skilled office software;

5, with 1-2 years of foreign trade sales experience



                    Assistant Director                               1-3                                         2                        Shenzhen                ​        Undergraduate

job requirements

1. Responsible for the director. Assist the factory manager in managing production.

2. Responsible for statistics of workshop daily report

3.3 years of relevant work experience.

4. Healthy, hard working

5. Assisting the director in daily business